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Tips For Practicing Safe Sex

Sex is an important part of life. It has many benefits for both men and women. For instance, having sex releases endorphins, which make a person feel happy. And regular release of fluids is important for men’s prostate health. It has also been scientifically proven that it reduces stress by offering relaxation. So ensuring you experience at least an orgasm or two in a week you will not only sexually satisfied, but you may feel better in general. However, you should always take the proper precautions by practicing safe sex. This is important to avoid unwanted sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and herpes, or the life threatening sexually contracted condition known as HIV. It is also necessary to ensure unwanted pregnancies. If you love hire escorts to have sex with then these tips are especially important. Below are some things you can do to ensure that you are having safe sex….

Use condoms for protection

Using condoms for protection against STI’s is the best way to stay on safe while having sex. There are many different types of condoms available these days to enhance your sexual experience while using them, since they do inhibit the feeling of true, raw sex.

Know your own and your partner’s health

There are many people who don’t like to use protection because it isn’t as pleasurable as having it raw. If you are in this category, then there are still ways you can attempt to protect yourself from STI’s. Make sure to regularly get tested for any possible exposure. Also, if you have multiple partners, you should make sure they also regularly get tested, and inquire about their current status.

Only have sex with escorts from reputable agencies

Do not just pick up a random hooker on the street and have a skin to skin encounter, because doing so could have devastating consequences. It could potentially lead to you contracting an STI, and that is what you are trying to avoid. To be on the safe side you should always hire an escort from These escort agencies have procedures in place to ensure your safety as well as their girls’ safety, such as routine testing.

Your health is important, and it is something that should be taken seriously. Sex is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, which can be ruined by increasing your health risks. Honestly, using protection is something that you should always practice to ensure you are safe.